Ukrainian Tourist Guides Association

10 Things To Know About Ukrainian Tourist Guides Association (UTGA)

1. What year was the UTGA established, and where is the headquarters?

Its headquarters is located at:

02192, Anatoliia Solovianenko str., bdg 16, office 48, Ukraine, Kyiv

2. What is the primary mission/goal of the UTGA?

The primary goal of UTGA is to unite tourist guides to support the development of the national tourism market by developing and promoting high quality tours supporting the continuous professional development of tourist guides, demonstrating the importance of their role and raising the profile of the profession.

UTGA represents Ukrainian guides in two relevant International institutions – the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) and the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).

UTGA collaborates with tourism administrations and departments in the regions of Ukraine as well as with other relevant associations in tourism sector – the Ukrainian Association of Food Tourism, the Association of Medical Tourism, etc.

3. What is the process to become a qualified tourist guide in Ukraine?

In order to become a professional guide in Ukraine it is necessary to take a training course. They are run in Kyiv, L’viv, Odesa, Dnipro, and a number of institutions provide the courses.

UTGA has developed its own training course for tourist guides which is adapted for different regions (cities). Training lasts for 5 months and includes an interim test followed by an examination at the end of the training.

In Kyiv the course is conducted twice a year, in other cities as it is run when required.

4. Once qualified, how do tourist guides in Ukraine maintain their qualification? Also, is there an official badge that qualified tourist guides in Ukraine wear?

Once qualified, tourist guides of Ukraine maintain their qualifications by career enhancement training. These courses are provided by UTGA on an ongoing basis and in various formats. Some of the courses look at different types of tourism, others involve a set of lectures in history, local customs and traditions, architecture etc.

The badge of UTGA shows the region where a guide works. It is renewed every year after membership is confirmed.

5. How many qualified tourist guides are members of UTGA and tell us about their diverse backgrounds?

UTGA members are tourist guides from all regions of Ukraine. There are about 500 of us at the moment. The qualification of tourist guides varies since this activity is not controlled at the state level yet. This means a tourist may experience poor service if they are booked at private sites with unqualified guides.

The most qualified specialists are guides who are UTGA members.

Before becoming tourist guides they worked as school and university teachers, museum workers, journalists, librarians, bank officers, medical doctors, junior research associates etc. Many keep on working in their previous roles and effectively combine two professional activities.

6. What are some of the professional development classes offered to members of UTGA?

UTGA regularly conducts professional development courses for tourist guides who are members of the association.

These are

  • Dark Tourism Course – “Tour to Chernobyl”
  • Food Tourist Guide Course (development and performance of food tours and excursions)
  • Successful Start-Up in Hospitality (course for local associations in rural communities)

The last two have been introduced recently.

A new programme we have developed is team building which is a combination of a cultural programme and a programme in enhancing team relations. We offer a course in developing and implementing these types of tours.

7. What are some of the top reasons for using a qualified tourist guide in Ukraine?

Qualified guides are definitely the best experts in locality and history. They are ambassadors of their country and city. They are scrupulous about carrying out their duties professionally, and they understand their mission – to represent their destination in the best way and provide high levels of hospitality.

8. What are some of the popular places to visit in Ukraine?

Ukraine is terra incognito for many tourists from Europe, Asia or America. However, it is a vibrant and hospitable destination. We are proud of our cities, natural resources, historical, natural, cultural and culinary heritage. UTGA provides both general sightseeing and themed tours, e.g. more than 50 guides offer tours and excursions in food tourism.

We also have active tourism tours: climbing/hiking tours, river rafting. We also carry out experiential tours where visitors can become immersed into the local atmosphere of Ukrainian history and culture.

A new development is offering team building, a combination of a cultural programme and a programme to enhance team relations.

Also, there are tours in Chernobyl which are conducted in 10 languages.

9. What are some general tips you would give to potential visitors planning a vacation to Ukraine?

Planning trips to Ukraine is easier with tourism professionals. Matching the tour to the visitor’s requirements is 50% of a successful visit, and that’s why we are happy to be the partners who help visitors and provide the best trips in Ukraine.

10. Where can potential visitors to Ukraine find out more information about UTGA and also find a qualified tourist guide?

Potential visitors can learn more about UTGA at our corporate web-site:, or!biz/id/60958bb11a67f96e080c47e9

They also can book a tourist guide – a UTGA member - at a related website: