Tourist Guide Association of Serbia

10 Things To Know About Tourist Guides Association of Serbia

1. What year was the Tourist Guide Association of Serbia established, and where is the headquarters?

The Tourist Guides Association of Serbia was established in 1966. The office is located in Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia.

2. What is the primary mission/goal of the Tourist Guides Association of Serbia?

The Tourist Guides Association of Serbia is working on the promotion of tourist guiding as a profession (which includes protection and engagement for the tourist guides), promotion of Serbia as a tourist destination, education for our members, education for new generations of tourist guides, cooperation with the Tourist Board of Serbia and the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

3. What is the process to become a qualified tourist guide in Serbia?

The Ministry of trade, tourism and telecommunications is responsible for the examination and the licensing of tourist guides. As the first step every candidate has to pass a psychological assessment of their suitability to work as guides and a test of their language skills. Every candidate has to pass 6 written exams for which there is no preparation course. One part of the preparation for the practical exam is organized by the Tourist Guides Association of Serbia and includes walking tours in Belgrade and a tour of the most important medieval monasteries in Serbia (which are part of the final practical exam). If all exams are passed, the candidates are entitled to their tourist guide licence which is issued by the Ministry of trade, tourism and telecommunications.

Due to the Covid-19-pandemic some minor changes were made to this programme in the year 2021.

4. Once qualified, how do tourist guides in Serbia maintain their qualification? Also, is there an official badge that qualified tourist guides in Serbia wear?

According to the law, licences for tourist guides are valid for life. Guides in Serbia have official badges and are legally required to wear the badge during work.

5. How many qualified tourist guides are members of Tourist Guides Association of Serbia and tell us about their diverse backgrounds?

The Tourist Guides Association of Serbia has currently 200 members and is offering tourist guiding in 20 languages. Most of the members of the association have a high level of education - among them are historians, art historians, archaeologists, architects, journalists, interpreters, geographers…

6. What are some of the professional development classes offered to members of Tourist Guides Association of Serbia?

The Tourist Guides Association of Serbia is organising annual seminars for all its members - including educational walks, lectures on various topics - and a seminar about technical aspects of tourist guiding for young members.

7. What are some of the top reasons for using a qualified tourist guide in Serbia?

A qualified tourist guide is trained, prepared and experienced enough to present the most popular attractions, but some lesser-known places too. We have a special role in presenting the historical, cultural and natural heritage of our own country and can give you an insight into everyday life, current events and other things that cannot be found in a guide book.

8. What are some of the popular places to visit in Serbia?

In the capital Belgrade you should go for a walk on the fortress of Kalemegdan, enjoy a good meal in the bohemian quarter Skadarlija with its many restaurants, see the marvellous architecture and interiors of the orthodox church of Saint Sava and go for a stroll along the riverbanks of the Danube and the Sava. Worth a visit are Novi Sad (one of the European Capitals of Culture for the year 2022, where one of the biggest music festivals in Europe – Exit – is held every summer), Niš with its southern charm and excellent gastronomy and Subotica with its beautiful Secession style architecture. One of a kind is the Fruška Gora mountain with its many orthodox monasteries, and the Iron Gates, a breathtaking gorge on the river Danube. Not to be missed are the Guča Trumpet Festival and the beautiful scenery of the mountains in Serbia (Zlatibor, Kopaonik, Tara, Divčibare, Golija).

9. What are some general tips you would give to potential visitors planning a vacation to Serbia?

Serbia can be recommended as an all-year-round destination.

People in Serbia are very open, interested to meet foreign guests and always ready to show the high-level of hospitality the country is known for.

The capital Belgrade and the rest of Serbia can be considered as safe for all travellers.

If entertainment is an important part of travelling for you – Belgrade is a must.

There is no doubt that food and wine lovers will enjoy their stay in Serbia. A diet before arriving in Serbia is highly recommended!

10. Where can potential visitors to Serbia find out more information about Tourist Guides Association of Serbia and also find a qualified tourist guide?

You can find more information about our association and a list of qualified tourist guides on: