Teamwork for Mass Group Movement
A Half Day Seminar for Tourist Guides

When working in a team of 30 to 40 guides, coordination and teamwork are essential along with respecting timings and all details of the itinerary. We may thus experience less freedom of choice and control. Yet, even when itineraries are tight and demanding our visitors still want and deserve to be treated as individuals and to enjoy individual experiences. This is particularly true for guiding for large conferences, incentives, events and the cruise industry. Here is a challenge to our professionalism and an opportunity to prove the true Art of Guiding!

The “Teamwork for Mass Group Movement” seminar is an important learning experience for tourist guides. This is an opportunity to look at practical techniques, which will be useful in your profession, by expanding your potential to contribute towards quality and standards in guiding.

Teamwork for Mass Group Movement Seminar in 2009 in Porto © FEG by Viola Lewis Teamwork for Mass Group Movement Seminar in 2009 in Porto © FEG by Viola Lewis

All qualified tourist guides are eligible to attend.

What will the course participants will gain?

  • Update knowledge of the conference, incentive and cruise guiding market
  • Exploring the tourist guide’s role in teamwork with industry partners
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of how to balance the needs and expectations of the individual guest and operators in mass group movements
  • Finding specific practical skills and techniques for guiding large groups in mass movements
  • Gaining more confidence in running well in group mass movements

General Information

The programme consists of 4 hours directed learning. It covers a range of development activities, essential in any guide training programme. The skills gained are transferable to many tourist guiding situations.

Programme trainers are FEG accredited. To achieve best possible results the number of the course participants is limited.

All trainees of the “Teamwork for Mass Group Movement” seminar will be awarded a FEG e-certificate of attendance.

The price of this course, and all other FEG courses, varies depending on cost and demand. If you are interested in one or more courses listed on our website, please get in touch with our office for more information at