“Dark Tourism” guided tours by FEG & Clio Muse

Published by FEG Team
Date 11/01/2021

The European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) in collaboration with Clio Muse Tours is organizing and hosting 30 educational webinars on ‘Dark Tourism’ guided tours. Supported by the EU-funded project RePAST these webinars, that will take place from mid-January to the end of March 2021, are addressed to certified tourist guides in Cyprus, Germany, Poland, Greece, Bosnia, Kosovo, Ireland, and Spain.

RePAST aims at investigating how European societies deal with their troubled pasts today through the analysis of conflict discourses rooted in those pasts, with a view on the impact of those discourses on European integration. It also studies comparatively these eight cases of countries whose troubled pasts sit squarely on legacies that still endanger European integration today.

Photo: Spike Island in Cork, Ireland 
The story of the prison and fortress is told alongside stories of the island's other troubled pasts

As a partner of RePAST, Clio Muse Tours has created eight digital tours, one for each of the countries included in the project. These tours came to life after developing a research methodology, evaluation of numerous written and oral history sources, journals, articles, and books from university libraries and archives as well as government reports and legal documents.

As part of FEG’s life-long training the Clio Muse tours, along with RePAST’s main outcomes and other educational material will be used during the online webinars to introduce cultural tourism professionals to the etiquette of dark tourism tours.

The goal is to provide qualified tourist guides with the skillset to offer meaningful and impactful on-site experiences of high quality. With an increase in the popularity of dark tourism, we believe these webinars will become a valuable tool in the further development of qualified tourist guides operating in these countries that will help them highlight unseen aspects of these countries’ cultural heritage.

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RePAST official webpage: https://www.repast.eu/


RePAST has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research & innovation programme under grant agreement no 769252.

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