Active Listening
A Half Day Seminar for Tourist Guides

Being a tourist guide is demanding and can be stressful. There are many things and many people to deal with. Communication is paramount and has two aspects – speaking and listening. We, Tourist Guides, pride ourselves to be excellent communicators and are undoubtedly accomplished speakers with excellent presentation skills. Active listening also is a guiding skill and needs to be practiced.

During this seminar you will examine how much of a conversation we hear and how much we understand. We will be reminded of active listening techniques and will practice them. This will also help us to gain an overview of what can make listening and understanding difficult. This practical and interactive seminar focuses on the importance of listening carefully, reminds us of the associated skills and aims to show that by investing time in listening we can reduce misunderstandings and stress and make our work as tourist guides even more enjoyable.

FEG training in 2018 in Wales ©FEG by Viola Lewis FEG training in 2018 in Wales ©FEG by Viola Lewis

All qualified tourist guides are eligible to attend.

This seminar is an important learning experience for tourist guides. This is an opportunity to expand your potential to contribute towards quality and standards in guiding.

What will the course participants gain?

  • Examining how much of a conversation we hear and how much we understand
  • Experiencing powerful examples of the importance of active listening
  • Gaining an overview of the barriers, which can make listening difficult
  • Looking at techniques and practice skills of active listening

General Information

The programme consists of 4 hours directed learning, closely linked to the content of guide training programmes, with transferable guiding skills and knowledge.

Programme facilitators are FEG accredited trainers. The number of the course participants is limited, in order to achieve the best possible results.

Practical sessions will be in classroom.

All trainees of the seminar will be awarded a FEG e-certificate of attendance.

All Face-to-Face FEG courses and seminars and their costs are offered case by case and on demand. If you are interested in one or more listed on our website, please get in touch with our office for more information at